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Rescuers help bring food from our partners to a local homeless shelter. It takes less than an hour and you can set your own schedule , whether you want to help out daily, weekly, or sporadically

2 BILLION PEOPLE could be fed yearly with the amount of food America throws away each year – that is enough to end food hunger in the world. Be a part of the solution and join us and other rescuers to help deliver excess food to those who need it.

Our events at Rescuing Leftover Cuisine typically last 30 minutes (Some events are longer, some are shorter). On each event, we rescue an average of 50 pounds of food, which feeds about 40 people. It only takes 30 minutes to help feed over 40 people!

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What is a Lead Rescuer? A Lead Rescuer is a volunteer who leads others on food rescue events, takes attendance, and reports the number of pounds of food rescued. All of our food rescue events are led by one, and they ensure that the rescued food arrives at its destination safely. Lead Rescuers are trained and must attend an orientation session. They commit at least 1-2 hours a week for at least 3-4 months. Lead Rescuers also receive letters of participation on RLC's letterhead for proof of volunteering.

You can also be a Core Rescuer:

Core Rescuers are volunteers who take it one step further. Core Rescuers volunteer for a longer time commitment, are further trained, and get transportation covered.

Rescuers of the Year 2015

Margarita Simon

No one really knows how much just a small amount of food can change someone’s life. I started volunteering in the summer of 2014 and I never thought RLC would grow this fast or become such a huge part of my life. I’ve seen people get so excited over the food we drop off that they start jumping up and down from excitement. No one should ever be that happy to see food, especially in a country where we produce a surplus of food. RLC is making a difference; even though we are just starting out, we have been able to impact so many lives already. While volunteering for RLC you can’t go long without being reminded of that fact, by our partners, our shelter partners, and from the people that actually receive the food.

Aaron Wong

Before Rescuing Leftover Cuisine I had never been a part of an organization that dealt with food waste or feeding the hungry, so volunteering for RLC really opened my eyes to a new issue that I never considered. I think that I always took it for granted that I would have a meal on my plate at the end of each day, which is a luxury that not everyone is so fortunate to enjoy. Realizing this was a big moment for me, I became determined to help RLC achieve their mission in whatever way I can. RLC has become such a big part of my life in ways that I had never expected it to. Becoming a lead rescuer and organizing a community for RLC in my school has taught me such skills as leadership and cooperation. Going out to every volunteer event, meeting and greeting each new volunteer, and getting to know another person through RLC has provided for me new perspectives and outlooks on life. It’s cliché to say, but I think that I would be a very different person had it not been for this organization.