Group Volunteering

Think volunteering takes too long, and you don't feel like you have an impact? Volunteer with Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, and make the most impact in the shortest amount of time! Every day, millions of people go without having a proper meal, while 40% of the food that we produce goes into the garbage.

Help someone have a meal by walking leftover food from local food businesses, to a nearby shelter in a 20 minute walk. Volunteering with Rescuing Leftover Cuisine for about 45 minutes can help feed 40 people! Volunteer with your team, and make even more of an impact by rescuing more food together! Sign up below!

Group Volunteer Request

Thank you for your interest in signing up as a group to volunteer to bring some excess food that would have been thrown out to those who need it! We can certainly use your help!

Also, note that for all group events, there is a $5,000 event fee. To find the best event for you, please input the below information:


You will be meeting with one of our Lead Rescuers, a trained volunteer, and they would show you to the restaurant that you are picking food up from, and will lead you to the human service agency where the food is being dropped off.

No. All group events need to be signed up through this website, or directly with the RLC Staff.

Our usual events last one about 30 minutes to 1 hour long. But if you would like to hold an event longer than 1 hour, you can choose more than one event to do. For help with scheduling this, please contact us directly.

The $20 fee goes to covering our operational costs such as providing the restaurants & volunteers with the materials they need to package and transport the food. These items includes, plastic bags, carts, and totes big enough for the trays that the food is packaged in.

Yes, we definitely do accommodate large groups. If you are unable to find an event large enough to accommodate the group, we may have to split the group up, and have them do a different rescue. If you would prefer to have the group together for the event, please email us for more options.

These events need to be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance. This gives us time to ensure that the group has a Lead Rescuer present, and is able to get the most out of the event.

A group is 3 or more people.