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Volunteer in the fight against wasted food and hunger by making food deliveries!

All you have to do is bring excess food from our food donors to our nonprofit partners in your community. Food rescues typically take less than an hour of your time and can be done by public transportation, car, on foot, or bike. With just an hour of your time, you can help reduce wasted food and provide meals to those in need in your community!

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How it Works

Become an RLC Rescuer

Food rescue events take place throughout the morning, day, and night, seven days a week. Whether it’s once a month, week, or day, we always need your help as we work to provide a reliable food rescue service to reduce wasted food and hunger in our communities!

Rescuer Roles Per Branch

Overview of Rescuer Roles

Crew Volunteers can volunteer with RLC without any sort of time or frequency commitment. You’ll be helping the food rescue event’s Lead Rescuer bring food donations from the donor to the designated nonprofit partner.

Lead Rescuers are responsible for completing all steps necessary for a food rescue event. Lead Rescuers go through a brief training process specific to their region’s branch and can then sign up to lead food rescue events on a recurring or sporadic basis. Each branch includes Volunteer Lead Rescuer opportunities. Select branches also offer Paid Lead Rescuer opportunities to earn $10-$15 per event.

Driver Rescuers are needed for high volume or distance food rescue events in NYC! Driver Rescuers go through the same training process as Lead Rescuers, have access to all food rescue events, and are eligible to earn $15 per vehicle-required food rescue event. These events are designated with a vehicle symbol in the food rescue event title. Note: For non-vehicle required events, Driver Rescuers can either volunteer or earn the standard Paid Lead Rescuer rate of $10-$15 per event led.

Interested in group volunteer opportunities? Contact us to learn more.

I started volunteering with RLC over 3 years ago. To say I love this organization is an understatement. Their volunteer model is perfect for people with busy schedules… for those who feel like they want to help their community but don’t have time. Carving out just 30 minutes to an hour out of your week to rescue food that would be thrown away helps reduce waste, feed the hungry, and save lives. It’s that simple. And it’s fun!” -Lauren, Lead Rescuer