Be a part of the solution to reduce food waste by rescuing one plate at a time.

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A $50 monthly donation helps us rescue 500lbs of food, feed 417 meals, and reduce the emission of 187.5lbs of CO2 equivalent.

What's the impact of monthly donations overtime? You do the math!

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Your donations will be automatically and conveniently charged each month. You can cancel or change the amount anytime you want.

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We will send you monthly email updates on how your money is spent and on the impact you are making.

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Your monthly donations help us spend less time on fundraising and more time on doing what we do best, recruiting and training volunteers to rescue food.

Why We Donate

"I've been involved with RLC for a couple of years, but haven't been able to stay as active. This [monthly donation] helps me stay up to date with RLC, while also continuing to consistently support the organization."



"I used to do catering and I work in events. I can't stand all of the food waste in our city and wanted to do something about it."