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FEED BELLIES, NOT LANDFILLS! RLC "Rescuers" pick up excess consumable food from businesses to deliver it to organizations that provide food assistance to people of all ages, races, religions and backgrounds who are experiencing hunger, homelessness and food insecurity. Learn more about donating food as a business, receiving food as an organization or volunteering as a Food Rescuer below. Hope to have you aboard RLC Massachusetts!

Branch Founded: 2016


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Nearly 1 in 8 households in Massachusetts are experiencing food insecurity

Meanwhile, 30-40% of food is thrown out, accounting for the largest category of material occupying municipal landfills. That’s where Rescuing Leftover Cuisine steps in.


RLCMA bridges the gap between food excess and insecurity

FOOD DONORS: Food safety is our priority. RLC only accepts food donations that are from federally ServSafe certified businesses, schools and organizations.

FOOD RECIPIENTS: Any organization freely serving those in need may sign up for our free service to receive food donations, on a recurring or sporadic basis.

FOOD RESCUERS: Whether you are 9 or 99, on 2 feet or 4 wheels, going solo or as a family or team, you can volunteer as frequently or as seldom as you would like!

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We have all found ourselves facing challenges that are incomprehensible. The fear of being without food during these past months has been experienced by many families and senior citizens. Your donations to the City of Everett has relieved this fear to a great degree. Without all of the hard work you do, we wouldn't be able to feed the families in our City. I want to personally thank you for your unwavering commitment to feeding the vulnerable population of the City of Everett. On behalf of my family and I, we are grateful.

Carlo DeMaria

Mayor, City of Everett, Massachusetts

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Help us continue to fight food insecurity, food waste, and preserve the environment. All donations contribute directly to our efforts to feed hungry and food insecure individuals, children and families.


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Dana Siles

Massachusetts & Rhode Island Branch Director

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