Welcome to RLC Massachusetts

Rescuing Leftover Cuisine bridges the gap between nutritious unused food from businesses to their local soup kitchens & shelters to serve to those in need.

Be Part of the Beta

As an effort to expand our mission, we will offer MA Food Donors a complimentary 10 pickups trial. Please read about the substantial tax benefits you may take advantage of, which will offset our fees in the future. Simply follow these steps when signing up to donate food :

  1. Sign up as a food donor
  2. Under payment method, check the "By Check/ACH" option
  3. Check your invoices. We will have waived the costs, but you will have a statement of our normal costs.

Legal Liability & Tax Benefits

Receive enhanced tax savings through IRC Section 170(e)(3), through which food donors can receive enhanced tax deductions which can allow you to receive subtantially more than your general deduction. RLC can assist you with generating documentation to allow you to take these enhanced tax deductions easily.

The Federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act of 1996 is a federal law that provides protection from legal liability to food donors who have donated in good faith. On top of this federal law, all fifty states have passed Good Samaritan Laws on the state level that may provide additional liability protection. See here for the Massachusetts specific language on the Good Samaritan Laws.

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Learn about Emergency Food Donations & PR

Dana Siles, Greater Boston Area Coordinator




Learn about Regularly Scheduled Food Donations

Lauren Basler, Boston Branch Head