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RLCColumbus is committed to reducing waste and ending hunger in the Central Ohio Region. This is a community effort that can only be accomplished through partnership. To learn more about our efforts or ways to join the cause, please contact columbus.branch@rescuingleftovercuisine.org. Thank you!

Branch Founded: 2018


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Nearly 2 in 10 households in Columbus, OH are experiencing food insecurity

Food insecurity does not only impact low-income families. Many of the same families also struggle with issues related to housing and medical costs.

Franklin County ranks among the top 10 counties in Ohio for families challenged with food insecurity.

Over a million pounds of food waste enters the landfill every single day from residential and commercial sources in Franklin County.


RLC Columbus bridges the gap between food excess and insecurity

In 2019, RLCColumbus rescued 10077 lbs of food; about 7,558 meals served as opposed to being wasted!

As of June 2020, RLCColumbus has rescued 52458 lbs of food; about 39,344 meals served and diverted from waste!

With YOUR partnership, we can continue to get healthy foods to those who need it most!

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"We appreciate the assistance that this partnership brings to our community lunch program. We've been operating for fifteen years and we've found as we get donations we are not always able to incorporate the items into our weekly lunch... Sometimes we think that what we have is too little and it's not enough to consider donating. I hope that you can understand that every little bit counts.

Julialynne Walker

Bethany Presbyterian Church, Saturday Lunch Sponsor

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