Get involved today.

Become a Rescuer Today

Rescuers help bring food from our partners to a local homeless shelter. It takes less than an hour and you can set your own schedule , whether you want to help out daily, weekly, or sporadically

Our events at Rescuing Leftover Cuisine typically last 30 minutes (Some events are longer, some are shorter). On each event, we rescue an average of 50 pounds of food, which feeds about 40 people. It only takes 30 minutes to help feed over 40 people!

To sign up for events that work for your schedule, follow the below video to create an account and get started!

Step Up and Become a Lead Rescuer!

What is a Lead Rescuer? A Lead Rescuer is a volunteer who leads others on food rescue events, takes attendance, and reports the number of pounds of food rescued. All of our food rescue events are led by one, and they ensure that the rescued food arrives at its destination safely. Lead Rescuers are trained and must attend an orientation session. They commit at least 1-2 hours a week for at least 3-4 months. Lead Rescuers also receive letters of participation on RLC's letterhead for proof of volunteering.

Become a Core Rescuer

Core Rescuers lead 5 food rescue events per week for a minimum of 3 months. They receive unlimited monthly MetroCards throughout their volunteer time as well as a letter of participation on RLC's letterhead for proof of volunteering. If you are interested, please email info@rescuingleftovercuisine.org.

You can also be a Rescuer Associate

Rescuer associates lead 10 food rescue events per week. You will be paid $8 per event. If you are interested, please sign up to 2 trial events and email info@rescuingleftovercuisine.org to let us know which events you signed up for!

Apply to RLC internship program

RLC is seeking talented, entrepreneurial, and passionate young leaders with emotional intelligence and organizational skills needed to work in a quality-driven work environment for our Fall 2018 internships program. This is an unpaid internship for 20 hours per week (September-December) with compensation of unlimited monthly MetroCards. The opportunities include community outreach, partner outreach, human resources, fundraising, communications, graphic design, and development. Please send your resume and cover letter to info@rescuingleftovercuisine.org.


  • Whether you're 9 or 99, travel by 4 wheels, 2 wheels or 2 feet, you can volunteer!
  • For kind kids under 14, an adult must be present, making this a gratifying family effort.
  • Young adults under 18 must sign a parental consent form.
  • Businesses to share a volunteer opportunity with your employees.
  • Volunteering with RLC is a positive addition to a student’s resume and school experience.
  • Sports Clubs: on a run (literally)? Plan your path based on our Donation Calendar.
  • So...you manage or drive a taxi, limo, courier or food delivery service, eh?! We will be sure to give you extra props for making that extra stop to contribute to your community.

In a nutshell: You’ll pick up the food, take some pictures, bring it over to the designated shelter/soup kitchen, upload the pics to our site, and voilà! You’re done! Want more details? Read on!

  • Our volunteers are asked to pick up food and bring it directly to the non-profit food recipient (no stops in-between for food safety). For most pickups, being on foot or bicycle is fine. For others, a car is needed. You’ll know how much food is available to rescue by checking the calendar or logging into your account to view an Emergency Rescue.
  • We ask our volunteers to take a picture of the donation itself and upload it to our site by logging into your Volunteer Account. This is so we can keep track of our donations (these pictures basically serve as receipts for RLC).
  • Bonus points for fun pictures!! Email to boston@rescuingleftovercuisine.org if you are in MA or info@rescuingleftovercuisine.org for all other states. We often share them on our Facebook Page!
  • To ensure food and allergy safety, animals may not be inside the vehicle transporting food UNLESS the food is in a different compartment of the car or truck and the animal does not come in contact in any way with the food.
  • Regularly Scheduled Food Donations: Sign up at your leisure via our calendar.
  • Emergency Food Donations: In addition to having the opportunity to volunteer for regular donations, you’ll receive a phone text notification whenever an emergency pickup is requested within 4 miles of the address you provide when signing up. Some of our Food Donors cannot predict when they’ll have leftover food, but when they do, they anxiously await a pickup. Depending on your availability, you can ignore the text, or you can click it, which prompts you to log into your account, and claim it. Emergency Rescues range between a 1-24 hour window of opportunity (so often you can claim without having to do "now").
  • Become a Lead Rescuer: a volunteer who leads a weekly rescue. Email info@rescuingleftovercuisine.org to get started!

With the option to claim or ignore any notification, this is an ideal volunteer opportunity for those with just occasional pockets of availability. Volunteer once a week, once a month, once a year. No pressure. Just appreciation.