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1 in 7 Texans experience food insecurity, and Dallas has the sixth highest child poverty rate. Food is needed more than ever. RLC Dallas is looking for Food Donor Partners as well as volunteer Rescuers to help rescue food from places like cafes, hotels, meal delivery stores, bakeries, and more. Whether you would like to be a Food Rescuer, Food Donor, offer your connections, or contribute financially, join us and be a part of the movement. Let's feed the DFW metroplex together.

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Nearly 1 in 7 households in Dallas, TX are experiencing food insecurity

The food insecurity rate for Texas is approximately 18.4%. In Dallas and neighboring counties, 477,000 residents live in food-insecure households.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Dallas has the sixth highest child poverty rate (35.6%).

And yet, Dallas has one of the highest restaurants per capita ratios in the nation.


RLC Dallas bridges the gap between food excess and insecurity

Food safety is our priority. RLC only accepts food donations that are from federally ServSafe certified businesses.

We strategically match each food donation to best serve our recipient partners across the DFW metroplex.

RLC Dallas has created guidelines specific to COVID-19 for all Food Donor Partners, Recipients and Volunteers to ensure everyone's safety.

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"I own two 7-Eleven convenience franchises, and we throw away $72,000 worth of food every year... it almost seems like every business should use [RLC's] service."


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