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Vending machine for homeless in British city to access supplies

Mr Khaled hopes to expand quickly across Britain, as well as across Europe and the United States. A machine will be installed in New York City next month, followed by others in San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles. And Action Hunger has partnered with Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, a food rescue non-profit based in New York City, and is also in talks with Tyson Foods.

Best Places To Carbo Load This Winter In NY

Manzo at Eataly battles this harsh winter weather by offering limited edition dishes during their monthly chef collaboration series. January brings Chef Junghyun Park (Atoboy) to the kitchen, where diners can nosh on his Raven & Boar Pork Belly with chorizo and kimchi sauce. Stop in on the evening of Jan. 10 and attend Chef’s opening night party. During this event, Chef JP will be in the kitchen and making his way around the dining room while guests can enjoy his world-class dish for half price (just $11). The restaurant will also double their donation to Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, a national non-profit food rescue organization. Reserve your spot here. Upcoming guest chefs include Daniel Boulud (Boulud Sud), Tim and Nancy Cushman (Covina), and Janine Booth (Root & Bone).

The Nonprofit Turning Food Scraps Into Meals for the Hungry

Another challenge is to find ways to effectively work with other organizations within the redistribution space. For example, ReThink is careful to divide their planned pick-up map with similarly focused non-profits like Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, which recruits volunteers to transport excess food to shelters nearby. There’s also a good chance they’ll end up making use of food from other New York hunger organizations like the Food Bank and City Harvest.

Brooklyn’s Perelandra to Open Kitchen & Juice Bar

Perelandra is also committed to the community: 100 percent of the packaging used for the prepared food and hot-bar items are easily recyclable, and all prepared foods that aren’t sold will be picked up nightly by Big Apple nonprofit Rescuing Leftover Cuisine and brought to shelters to feed hungry New Yorkers that same night.

Your Days of Perelandra Lunch Deprivation Are Over

After several months of renovation, Perelandra is back to serving lunch–and maybe more importantly, coffee–to the neighborhood. The new space will include a hot buffet, made-to-order sandwiches, and prepared meals, in addition to old standbys like a fresh juice and smoothie bar.


New York organic and natural foods store, Perelandra, has opened a new vegan kitchen and juice bar in Brooklyn. First established in 1976, this independent, community-driven, local business has expanded to serving plant-based eats. Its new 650 square-foot kitchen and juice bar now serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as coffee, cakes, and pastries. A minimum 95 percent of ingredients used at Perelandra are organic. The business is also committed to sustainability, ensuring customers that all of its packaging is completely recyclable. Further, all unsold food is donated to a local charity, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, that caters for the less fortunate.

The Travel Detective: Rescuing Leftover Cuisine

New York, like so many big U.S. cities, is defined by its explosive food scene with over 24,000 restaurants, different cuisines to choose from, and different neighborhoods to explore every time you visit here.

Yahoo News Highlights RLC!

If you’re looking to sample culture from around the world, without ever leaving the country, then look no further than Queens, N.Y. Boasting a diverse community with residents from over 100 countries, a new influx of tourists have come to realize that Queens offers a potpourri of cuisine, art and lifestyle.


NEW YORK (WABC) -- If you've ever worked in a restaurant or seen them cleaning up, you know that a lot of food gets thrown away. But one man who wants to stop to the trend is putting some of that unused food to good use. He's Robert Lee, from the Long Island Bagel Cafe, and he's determined to feed the hungry without spending a penny. His non-profit, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, is connected with more than 100 food partners who donate whatever they have left at the end of the day.