Nov 01, 2019
Splurging on Black Friday & Cyber Monday? Try giving back for #GivingTuesday!" #GIVINGTUESDAY


It's November 1st and A LOT is happening in this month of giving, and we need your help! Similar to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, exciting splurging events are coming up, but why not splurge on giving back? There are various ways to get involved with RLC this month, so read below to find out how to help end hunger and excess waste across our nation! RLC has rescued 1.7million pounds of food in 2019 alone, and we are trying to double those numbers and there are various ways to get involved.



Becuase of this month of geneoristy and RLC's motivation to reach 2 million pounds, RLC created  brand new paid opportunities that will encourage even more to get involved and expand our community and grow our rescued pounds of food. 


  • With this new program you earn money as well as give back to your local community by signing up for what we call our food rescuer program. 
  • This program encourages those who are not able to donate huge chunks of their time to still getting involved, and helping RLC tackle the hunger and food waste crisis.


Become an RLC Ambassador for #GIVINGTUESDAY
What does this involve?
  1. Create your own fundraising page for the month of November

  2. Raise a minimum of $200

  3. Once you reach your goal, you will be rewarded with the RLC Ambassador title!

By becoming an ambassador not only do you get the title and loyalties that come with it, you also get to join the RLC community and support a mission to help those in need. We are all human and giving back is a testament to one another. This programs hopes to onboard and unite those who share the same vision of a world without hunger! 
#GivingTuesday is the BIGGEST giving moment in the world- and happens every Tuesday after Thanksgiving. #GivingTuesday is a technological giving movement, that was created to make giving back go viral.  Because this is a very busy month for RLC with various holidays and as the weather gets colder, we see more demand for food at our partner human services agencies.Whether that be a donation, or donating your time please choose to get involved.
 Because whether big or small, it all goes a long way to help diminish hunger and excess waste in our nation.
  • $10 allows RLC to feed over 80 people
  • $25 provides server space for our events to extend out two months rather than one
  • $40 buys a cart that will help our volunteers with heavy pickups and improve efficency by 50%
  • $600 provides transportation for one month for our Core Rescuers
  • $500 Sponsors one Core Rescuer to rescue over 5,000lbs of food for 4 months
  • $1,000 prevents 2 tons of C02 equivlanet from being emitted by food waste in landfills
  • $10,000 buys a used refrigerated van that will allow us to engage our larger partners that are currently on hold

GlobalGiving page on DECEMBER 3RD, because they are MATCHING all donations and gifts. Put it in your calendar, save the date, and tell your friends. Global Giving has a fund of $500,000 that they will be using to match gifts for #GivingTuesday, for first come first serve donations, their generosity is  circumstantial, so let's take advantage on this #GivingTuesday


                                                  OUR GLOBAL GIVING PAGE!