Nov 06, 2019
Legislation that can make Food Rescue Universal

Regulations and laws have acted as an obstacle in the world of food policy.  As a non-profit, social entrepreneur, or activist, sometimes legislation needs to be changed in order to make the impact that you envision. RLC’s mission is to make food rescue universal, and eliminate excess waste by giving it to those in need. Why are 1 in 7 people food insecure in our nation? And 1 in 9 people hungry, when 40% of the food in the US is thrown away. Why is that food not redistributed to those in need? These are questions that RLC asks, but is determined to make it right. One act in history that shows the impact of a passed legilslation is the Path Act of 2015. 

To summarize: The Path Act of 2015 helped make enhanced tax deductions for food donations permanent rather than being renewed retroactively each year. It also expanded the deduction to all corporate entities rather than just C Corps. 

But this is not enough, it does reveal that when legislation is made, there can be great impact. Making it easier for non-profits like Rescuing Leftover Cuisine to do our job.

Here are our thoughts of how our nation can reach this goal of universal food rescue:

  1. Make the calculation of the Food Donation Enhanced Tax Deduction simpler.
    • Rather than the calculation of the lesser of twice the basis cost or half the profit margin plus basis cost, we can have a conservative calculation that is simpler and allows more participation in filing for enhanced tax deductions for food donations. 

  2. Dispel all myths around legality of donation of food

    • It is important to clearly communicate the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act of 1996 and ensure that communications are aligned around food donations. 

      • This act specifically protects those from being liable when donating food to a non-profit organization. There is a lack of awareness and communication, as many companies in the US fear being liable of their food donations, when in fact they are protected under this act. 

  3. RLC fully supports the NYC Council initiative to have agencies and departments donate their excess food.

    • We believe that government agencies of all levels should lead the way in donating their excess food instead of throwing it away.   

RLC wants to keep this conversation going, and create awareness. Just because the proper legislation is not in place does not mean we should not fight for it in order to make it happen. 


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