Oct 01, 2019
How To Host A Zero Waste Event

The best kind of events and parties are ‘Zero Waste’ events, and it really isn’t that hard, in fact it makes the event planning more fun. The  biggest obstacle with these events are finding the best companies and techniques to use, without it feeling like a burden. Follow Rescuing Leftover Cuisine's personal suggestions to make your event zero waste, and easy.


Save food that would other wise go to waste! Rescuing Leftover Cuisine has endless food agencies as partners, and rescuing food to use for your event is the best, and easiest way to go. There are many different companies to choose from depending on the cuisine you’re looking for, but RLC would be able to provide a hand selected list of our partners that specifically cater to your desires.This means you’re helping to save the environment from food waste pollution, while ensuring your guests delicious choices. Our legal and environmentally friendly way makes hosting a zero waste event easy. 

When you are choosing what kind of food to cater, you should gear your mind towards finger foods! Since finger foods are so small, they actually then do not require bulk orders of food or ingredients- instead of overordering, or overeating this is the best way to feed your guests. By having finger foods at events, that also automatically eliminates the use of silverware, and plates. Finger foods make it that much easier, to 1. Decrease your costs because you’re not buying excess utensils and 2. Create less waste of food and garbage, (also as a party planner it creates less visible clutter)! 

One example of a company to use is our food donor partner, Between the Bread, check them out, as their catering options are fantastic and you could also use their services through RLC! They cater small to large scale events, whether that be corporate, or personal use. 

If you're interested, just out some of their menues that they have to offer: Hors D'oeuvres, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Desert!

Images courtousey of the Between the Bread catering menu 


You can use nature! Instead of throwing out flowers from previous parties or events, it’s time to begin to reuse beautiful floral arrangements, and a company that has been able to create zero waste is ‘Repeat Roses.’ Repeat Roses has helped save more than 91 tons of waste from landfills, and are continuing to make a huge impact. Rescuing Leftover Cuisine does this with food, but you should not stop at food, since Repeat Roses has been able to do this with flowers, it is important to continue incorporating zero waste effort. Why should beautiful decorations go to waste? Repeat Roses is able to reuse these flowers to make a room stunning and memorable. Repeat Roses can fill out weddings, individual parties, corporate events, and more.

Check out Highlights of their work, and a step to step guide of how they work. 


Compost & Recycling Bins

And lastly, make it easier for your guests to know where they should toss away their garbage, by making sure you have compost and recycling bins at your party. 

A company that provides very clear garbage disposal bins is ‘Common Ground Compost’ They have “Paper Only,” “Trash Only,” “Compostables,” “Bottles & Cans Only.” This makes it easier for guests to toss away their garbage in the right places, and help you to compost at events. They also provide visual explanations upon request. Rather than having your guests trying to decipher between recycling and trash, which results in items ending up in the wrong place- Common Ground Compost, makes that issue almost non existent. In addition, they offer other services like proper education on how to engage with garbage, especially in New York City, 

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Thank you for reading Resucing Leftover Cuisine's personal guide to a 'Zero Waste Party!' If you do happen to use some of our tips, reach out and send us pictures!