Oct 16, 2019
Today is World Food Day: Celebrate by Raising Funds

It is a National Holiday for Rescuing Leftover Cuisine because….  It’s World Food Day!

World Food Day (WFD) was established in November of 1979 and is observed in more than 150 countries to raise awareness on the issues behind poverty and hunger. These age-old issues of food waste and food insecurity can be intimidating. But we have to stay engaged, informed, and involved to make a difference. Little by little, we can make a big change. 

World Food Day plays a big role in RLC, and you have been a part of that. Those in our community have supported and participated generously, and it has resulted in RLC rescuing 1 million pounds of food in the first half of the year! We are now expecting to double our numbers, so thank you for helping us make this impact. 

RLC is using World Food Day as a kick start to our Giving Season End of the Year campaign

RLC Giving Season: Get Involved!

RLC is excited to launch our Giving Season campaign, a time where your all of your donations can be matched. If you sign up to be a recurring donor, every single month your donations get matched! And if you donate during Giving Season that starts on #Giving Tuesday, December 3rd, and ends on December 31st, your support also gets compounded so we can continue rescuing leftover cuisine and donate even more pounds of food, feed food-insecure individuals even more nutritious and wholesome meals and make our world greener. 

Becoming an RLC Rep or RLC Ambassador!

And if you want to get even MORE involved, we’d LOVE to have you become either an RLC Ambassador or an RLC Rep! You’d be a face of the RLC Giving Season campaign for the rest of the year, letting anyone you know about RLC’s mission and how they can donate. Post it on your Instagram story, tweet about it, send your mom an email, and even let the person you’re holding the door for when they’re walking out Starbucks: “hey - ever heard of RLC? Check it out, donate, get involved during the holiday season!”.

Want to know more or you’re interested in being one? Great! Send an email to lauren.rha@rescuingleftovercuisine.org. She’s excited to answer any questions you have, give you the guidelines, and let you know the next steps so you can continue spreading the word. 

We here at RLC can’t thank you enough - thank you, thank you, thank YOU - for your support towards our mission. We can’t wait to hear from you soon. 


The RLC Team